Mini Aussies

DD Oaklee Marie
Oaklee was our very first Aussie so she is our first child. She is the smartest, loyalist dog you could ever meet. Oaklee does many tricks, including back flips, shake, jump to your shoulders and the basic commands. You will see Oaklee everywhere with us. Our son has taken over her as his dog and she loves him and watches over him every day.
Please note we do not breed Oaklee.

DD Fly'n High Harper with XOXOs
Harper is our small Mini Australian Shepherd ASDR BET. She comes from National, International and World champion show lines. Her dam has her national and international champion. Her sire has his puppy 1 title.
Harpers health testing:
DM/Degenerative Myelopathy- clear
HC/Hereditary Cataracts - clear
MDR1/Multidrug Resistance 1 - clear
NCL/Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis 8 - clear


Harper is 15 in. and 30lbs
We will be looking for a handsome candidate for harper that is clear on health testing the end of this year

Rezac's Claire Bear

Claire is our beautiful minimal white

red bi mini aussie. She comes from excellent working lineage. She is 14.5 in. and 23 pounds. Claire is full panel clear.

Western Tequila Sunrise

Sparky is our beautiful proven stud. He is a blue merle with deep red copper. He has the boxier which is excellent to fix any faults with any females with long snippier snouts. Sparky is full panel clear. He has also been color tested at/at meaning he will 100% throw his tan points/copper on all pups, he is also ky/ky meaning dominant black Sparky may be curly.

Sparky is 14.5 in. and 25lbs

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