Great Danes

DD Maizeys Chocolate Diamond  Kuzni Napoleonskiej
Maizey is our 50% European Chocolate Harlequin Great Dane. She is Granddaughter of the  famous imported Panky, on her sires side.
She is Ay/Ay (Fawn) b/b (Chocolate) D/d (Blue)Kb (1 copy), S/Sp (Piebald Carrier) 

Kenadie- This sweet girl is our only breeding aged dane. Kenadie is a brindle that Carrie's Ay/Ay (Fawn) b/b, h/H (Harlequin), Kb (1 copy). Kenadie is co owned with Crystal Hataway with Cardinal Danes

DD Chocolate Covered Diesel from CDS
Diesel is our up and coming chocolate Great Dane stud.  This boy is 3rd gen Duke and 4th gen Adonis. Ay/Ay (Fawn) b/b (Chocolate) D/d (Blue Carrier) h/H (Harlequin carrier) Kb (1 copy)

MRVLS Stormy Munroe
Is our 88% European Harlequin Tanpoint/Wild Sable. Munroes sire and dam are imports for Hungary and Serbia.
Munroe is ImGD clear and will continue OFA Testing on her.
She is aw/aw(Wild Sable), N/H (Harlequin),  M/m (Merle carrier), Single Kb

DD Tuckers Moose Knuckle from RKN S
Available for Guardian Home or Co Own in Utah.
He is our 100% European Blue Fawn Merle stud. His parents are Imports from Hungary and are OFA Tested.  Tuckers pedigree is stacked full of champions. 

He is d/d(Blue), ay/ay(Fawn), M/m(Merle), N/H(Harlequin Carrier)

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